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We at NARI Hospital came with a vision to help infertile couples and make their dreams come true.

Nari, the woman, who endures and faces struggles with a smile on her face and celebrates.

Hence this Advanced Reproductive Institute is on the name of NARI, the womanhood.

Nari has innate motherhood in her but few unfortunate remain infertile so we at NARI are determined to share our skills and knowledge to help the woman to achieve her purpose.

 We at NARI have many years of experience in treating infertile couples and a variety of obstetric (pregnancies) and gynecological cases. We give holistic care for the couple, keeping their physical and emotional needs into account.

You will be treated by senior doctors with international experience working at Corporate & Government institutions in foreign countries.

They have prestigious degrees from Royal Colleges of UK & Ireland, which makes them exceptional and unique. NARI hospital provides state of the art technology assisting in achieving the success of the desired treatment.

Facilities such as high tech IVF laboratory with laminar flow, positive pressure, and ICSI micromanipulator, modernized andrology lab with the cryo-preservation unit, Ovum picks up theatre with air purification technology.

We also have provisions for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy along with colposcopy. All of this is under a single roof just to helping the patient in achieving the required results. 

The well-mannered staff will always put a smile on your face. Care provided by our well-trained staff will enhance your confidence.

NARI is ever ready to serve nariā€”The woman.

By-Dr.Neelangini Gokhale Padhy(MBBS M.D.Ob & Gyn<Mumbai> MRCOG<UK-London> Fellowship in Assisted Reproductive Techniques(IVF)

Dr.Krushnachandra Padhy (MBBS M.D.Ob & Gyn.MRCOG<Ireland> Fellowship in Assisted Reproductive Techniques(IVF).Diploma & Fellowship in Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy(MIS)